Our story

At the beginning of 2009, Refah Bank, which was one of the data processing customers, was informed about the Gamma system, so it wanted to use Gamma to manage its IT requests at the branch level. Even though the system was only a ticketing and the equipment department, equipment identification, and parts warehouse had not yet been created in Gamma, due to the powerful team we had, we quickly developed these departments. Fortunately, Refah Bank is now one of our active and good customers in the field of using Gamma.

The idea that the request management software that we had produced for ourselves and to solve our own problem, was able to be launched in one of the country’s banks and across the country and at the branch level, gave us double energy to continue. Of course, we must have made some mistakes in this winding road and we believe that the path of entrepreneurship is not difficult but beautiful. It is in this direction that we grow and we believe that this is still the first way…


A summary of Dooman Samane

New Features Landa SME

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

Year 2022

Start Landa SME

Design and implementation of Landa online accounting software

Year 2017

New Features Gamma

Adding many features such as dashboard and...

Year 2011

Start Gamma Help Desk

Analysis and design and start of Gamma software production

Year 2007

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Tehran, Iran


Dooman Samaneh company started its activity in 2010 with the design of Gamma Help Desk and implemented Landa online accounting software in 2017.

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